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Performance Test of PVC car coil mat

Jan. 16, 2019

There are many different kinds of car mats in the market, which leads to the inability of car buyers to distinguish between good and bad products. As a professional PVC coil mat machine manufacture, Xinrui Machinery is here to help you identify the role and difference of PVC coil car mat. I hope to help you understand the characteristics of the products and choose the right one. The following are some performance test of the PVC coil car mat:

PVC coil car mat

Installation fit test:
Super simple installation, directly put this foot pad on it, basically it is completely in accordance with the model version, there is no non-conformity!

Card foot test:
If the car mat is used improperly, it may cause the pedal to be stuck. It is very bad when there is an accident! So let's test it, it's very simple. We simulate the driving situation and use our feet to step on our throttle and brake separately, without any card.
Anti-slip test: Since we usually drive and refuel, we need to do the action to complete the brakes. However, if the foot pads are sliding, it will bring great danger to our safety, so anti-skid is a must! Let's simulate it. The situation of our normal driving will obviously not move. Because the bottom of the foot pad is made of non-slip particles.

Dye resistance test:
We completely simulate the rain and the foot on the foot pad to wipe back and forth on the foot pad, what effect will it have? After testing, the sand on the shoe is wiped back and forth on the wire mat to fall directly into the wire loop, and there is not much sediment on the surface.
Cleaning test: After the dirty mud we just stepped on the foot pad, will it be difficult to clean it? The answer is: very simple! Take the water and rush straight up! Dirty mud will flow out along the gaps in the wire mat!

Comfort test:
Now let's compare the comfort of the foot pad, the leather foot pad and the coil mat foot pad are stepped on separately. It is found that the coil mat foot pad is stepped on, soft and comfortable and flexible! Ps: The amount of the baby barefoot, soft! The leather foot pads are stepped on as if they were on the floor. This comparison test: the coil mat foot pad wins

Waterproof test:
In rainy days, or if there are children in the house, it is difficult to avoid getting the foot pad wet, then let's simulate the waterproof performance of the foot pad after watering! Watering on both feet, and then pressing with a napkin, it is obvious that the coil mat is more waterproof! But here is a point to note that the coil mat pads are only water-free on the surface, because the water stains have penetrated below!

Wear test:
Now let's test the wear resistance of the foot pad. We choose to use the key to scratch the surface of the foot pad, but there is no damage to our foot pad!

Flame-retardant test:
In testing the function of fire-retardant and flame-retardant of a coil mat, the men driving the car accidentally smoked the cigarette butt, if it can not fire-retardant function, it can not! We put the cigarette butt on the coil mat pad, after standing for 30 seconds, the cigarette butt continues to burn, but our coil mat pad has no effect, but the coil mat on the coil mat pad is a little hot!

PVC car mat

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