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Composition and Production process of PE/PVC/PP sheet machine

Oct. 31, 2013

Generally, PE,PP,PVC sheet making machine and other common plastic sheet production line is mainly composed of extruder(single screw extruder or concial twin-screw extruder), mould (die head), screen exchanger, three-roller calender (calendaring machine), mold temperature controller, PLC control system, cooling carrier frame, haul-off machine, cutting machine.

PE,PP,PVC sheet production line

The main production process of PE,PP,PVC sheet extrusion line is as following:
1. Raw material preparing
According to the formula strictly to weight materials, PE, PVC, PP granule and other additives. If you buy our plastic sheet production line, we will provide the formula.
2. Mixing raw material by plastic mixer, then feeding into extruder 
3. Extruding by extruder for plasticizing, then forming by mould
4. Calendaring by three roller calender
5. Cooling on the cooling carrier frame
6. Hauling by haul-off machine
7. Cutting the plastic sheet products by cutting machine
8. Finished product inspection and storage

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