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Development tendency of plastics products market

Nov. 07, 2013

Recently, Axis Research Mind company recently released a report, which shows that the global plastics consumption in 2016 is expected to exceed 500 million tons, with the increasement of demand for plastic sheets, resins( thermoplastic / thermoset ) and end products (such as food packaging, beverage packaging , construction plastic materials, plastics, medical plastics).Thanks to the rapid rise and development of emerging countries. Overall , the large demand for PP and PE plastics will become a powerful driving force for plastics industry move on. The next three years, the market demand rate will reach to 46% of total demand.

Axis Research Mind indicate that the increasement applications of hard/flexible packaging, resin, sheet, end-products other markets boost the demand and promote healthy development of the global plastics industry. Investment opportunities involving plastic industry are numerous and have huge space for development. In recent years, plastic packaging has become a popular investment industries.

As to terminal applications of plastic products, the demand for electronics consumer is expected to become the fastest growing plastics market. In the next few years , the demand of CAGR (Compound Average Growth Rate) will reach to 9%. In addition, the application of plastic products in commodity plastics, automotive, home appliances, medical care and other fields has a very bright prospect.

The increasement of demand for plastics products also boost the demand for high-quality, high-output and low-cost plastic machines. e.g. In the last ten years, the large demand for wood plastic composite(WPC) materials have greatly driven the development of wood plastic composite machine, and the large demand for plastic sheets boost the development of plastic sheet production line.

As a professional plastic extrusion machine manufacturer, we will focus on the development tendency of plastics industry to research and develop the machines that customer needs most.

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