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PEX pipe extrusion line
We supply the PEX pipe extrusion line with the production of diameter 16 mm upto 63mm.
This line mainly used for producing HDPE cross-linked pipe. HDPE cross-linked pipe has some excellent features such as heating resistance, aging resistance, high mechanical strength, anti-firing capability, environmental stress cracking resistance and good insulation capability, thus preventing oxygen diffusion and ensuring a high corrosion resistance and a longer service life. HDPE cross-linked pipe offers a wide range of application possibilities such as water conduits (heating systems, cold and hot water installation), conduits for the transport of fluid food (beverage industry), drinks and etc. so, HDPE cross-linked pipe is a new practical and economic product of high-tech which is a replacement in the fields of pipe.
Production skill procedure on simple, on before, production communication poly ether for more on two step skill, for pre two set crusher on pro production silicon alkyl receive branch material and catalyze material, then, two material mix with defined ratio, on the third sets crush out production communication poly ether tube material. The shortcoming of the skill only for complex production skill, more occupy on equipment, also short term for silicon alkyl branch material storage, sensitive on temperature and humid, prohibit under sunlight on etc, storage condition on strict, so many level influence normal operation and quality on products, with one step skill without the issues.
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